Monday, February 9, 2015

Apple NetRestore Doesn't Listen: The Difference between "Go Back" and "Continue"

This one is deceptively simple. Yet could screw you over big time if you're not paying attention.


You're all set to re-image a machine with some fancy new software. You reboot and are at the NetRestore screen. Suddenly you get an email.

Hey can you hold off imaging XXxxXXX's machine for another day? Despite leading you to believe the contrary they have in fact not backed up all their work.
Thanks,Boss Person

OK, instead of clicking "Continue" let's click "Go Back".


Clicking "Go Back" still starts the restore process. I was so incredulous that I was a gibbon and clicked the wrong button I set up a dummy test machine and filmed the process again.

Pressing "Continue" still performs the restore, in case you were wondering. This was also filmed with a potato, in case you were really wondering.


Don't click "Go Back". Pull the plug if you change your mind about a restore. Just don't click "Go Back" unless you actually want to click "Continue' but still want to achieve a sense of non-conformity.


I can't recall backing of out of a restore like this any other time, as I always ask and re-ask people if all their stuff is in order first. That being said, this particular occurrence happened (and is reproducible) with our iMac NetRestore serving running 10.9.5, with Server 3.2.2.

Also, if you let the restore initiated by the "Go Back" button complete it reboots to the same NetRestore screen with no indication that the restore was successful (I'm sure it gave some message while I wasn't sitting at the screen before it rebooted though). Furthermore the "Continue" button doesn't exist at that point, even if you select a volume to restore to. Upon setting the startup disk to the local drive and rebooting I confirmed that the image was in fact successfully restored.

NOT PICTURED: Screenshot of the above paragraph,
because my phone was in my other pants at the time.

Some quick searching has been unable to pull up any other record of this happening, so I submitted a report with the details to Apple. I'll update this post if I hear back.

I know I tend to post some weird broken stuff on here, but this one is pretty out there. Please tell me if you've seen it as well so I can feel a little less crazy.

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